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Good stats on your weapon, but the sockets don’t fit your needs?  Then the Chromatic Orb is just the thing for you.  With the help of the Chromatic Orb, you can change the color of the sockets in an item, regardless whether armour or weapon.

The right combination of sockets requires not only luck, but also several stacks of Chromatic Orbs. The more sockets an item has, the more variations of socket colors there can be.  If you want to change the colors of the sockets on an item with 6 sockets, it may take quite a while before you get the exact combination of colors you want.  So make sure you think carefully about how many Chromatic Orbs you will need.

If your item doesn’t have enough sockets, then we recommend the Jeweller’s Orbs.  With these you can change the amount of sockets at random. Also, you can purchase Orbs of Fusing to change the links between sockets.

Chromatic OrbStack Size: 20Reforges the colour of sockets on an itemRight click this item then left click a socketed item to apply it.
Shift click to unstack.
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Additional Info
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Excellent As Expected
I could write this review about every Path of Exile product I've acquired from RandyRun.

I have come to expect nothing less than excellence. Quick, clean transactions which are protected by various methods combined with the fast delivery that shortly follows makes this one of the best online retail experiences I've encountered. I've never had to wait more than 12 hours for the product to arrive, and their method of allowing you to tell them when you're available makes scheduling exchanges a breeze.

Thank you, once again, and I look forward to doing business again in the future.
Review by D. Bold (Posted on 1/11/2017)
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