World of Warcraft EU: 60-day Game Card

Buy your WoW Game Card 60 Day Pre-paid (EU) - no subscription, just 60 days of cheap play time!
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60 day-WoW EU Game Card

The official World of Warcraft Game Card is the ideal payment method to ensure that you don't need to get a subscription from Blizzard. With the pre-paid WoW Game Card, you can extend your game time easily and conveniently. Use your WoW Game Card to secure 60 days of play time that are effective upon activation in your account. You will, of course, require the full version of World of Warcraft.

Additional Info
Additional Info
Age Rating ESRB 10+ / T
Product type Game Card
Shipping time 0-1 h
Shipping Method CD-Key via E-Mail
Download from
Other EU CD-Key
Publisher Vivendi Activision Blizzard
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