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Path of Exile Harbinger league Changes

08/12/2017 10:55

Recently, poe players has complainedabout league isn't challenging enough and Harbingers isn't enough rewards. Based on players' feedback, Grinding Gear Games decide to increase both the challenge and rewards.


New Abilities for Harbingers


GGG are going to add new abilities for the Harbingers, which makes both deal damage focused directly on players and empower the Harbinger's minions. New Obelisks are created to increase challenfe in Harbinger. They will summon minions with defensive effecta and control and damage effects to players.


Adjust Drop of Various Harbinger Currency Shards


GGG are planning to adjust the drop of various Harbinger currency shards, including fewer Transmutation Shards, more Harbinger's Shards, more Engineer's Shards, and a larger overall number of shards dropped by each Harbinger.


Modify Harbinger's Orb to Create Unique Beachhead Map


GGG decide to modify Harbinger's Orb to create the unique Beachhead map. This modification should make the special Harbinger unique items more obtainable, as well as the league challenges. Besides, the number of Beachhead maps required you to complete for the "Complete Endgame Grinds" challenge will decrease from 100 to 50.


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