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Path Of Exile: A major announcement

11/13/2017 04:07

A few days later, Grinding Gear Games will preparing to make a big announcement come November 16. That is Path of Exile expansion.


If you can't wait to see until this Thursday, here is some hint.


1) There is a new boss in Act Nine


2) We have the first ever socketable belt coming


3) Green and black are the colours of a new league


4) We’ve prepared a new stash tab type for this expansion


5) There are 4 new skill gems and 6 support gems coming


Now , did you have any curiosity about Path of Exile expansion on this Thursday? Those who are currently enjoying POE, what features do you wish make it with the release of 3.1? Let us know in the message area. and in you waiting time, some unique boots is upcoming. ( see the boots ) Most of all, buy poe items and poe Chaos Orb etc.


Have a nice day!


Randyrun Team

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