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PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS sales exceed 15 million in China

10/11/2017 04:05

PLAYERUNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS is more and more popular,not only the players like, even some LOL anchor also join in. According to SteamSpy, PUBG sales have reached 15 million (Including error), PUBG is Leaderboard TOP 1in Chinese games. the second is the United States.


Leaderboard Reset


Today, PUBG's official website release the news about changes to leaderboard reset. Users have been increasing rapidly, they worry that they can no longer provide a good gaming experience, so make some back end improvements.


Reset as follows:


1. Current leaderboards season ended: October 10th at 11AM KST / 4AM CEST / October 9th at 7PM PDT


2. New leaderboard season begins: October 17th at 11AM KST / 4AM CEST / October 16th at 7PM PDT




1. The user plays the game before the start of the new season, but the game record will not be recorded.


2. There may be server maintenance before the new season, and the details will be updated at any time.


On this adjustment, the official website vary sincerely apologize for this change, but hope that players understand and support. They will do better. They will do better. Need more Pubg items and Pubg skins all at randyrun. Choose the best items, put into battle.


Wish you good luck!


Randyrun Team

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