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New Features for FIFA 18 Career Mode

09/04/2017 03:29

With no more than four weeks away, FIFA 18 will be released in game. Recently, EA revealed that conversation wheel will be available on FIFA 18 career mode.


EA said that the FIFA 18 career mode will conclude interactive transfree negotiations. That means you can meet in-person in your office with the manager or a representative of the selling club to arrange a fee for the player. After the negotiation has taken palce with the use of it's decision wheel, you can directly talk to the player and his manager for further agreements.


EA statement on EA Sports Blog:


"Using the new decision wheel, you’ll be able to submit an offer fee, and even include optional conditions such as a sell-on clause. Submit the offer and you’ll begin the dialogue with the opposing manager, who will either accept, reject or counter your offer. New AI negotiations mean opposition managers will engage with dynamic and varied responses to get the best deal for their club."


All your transfers and negotiations will feature their own cutscenes and made by Frostbite, which will be catalogued in your FIFA 18 career mode main menu and contain all press conferences, presentations and shots with their new teamates.


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