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H1Z1 KotK : Tencent games announced to Chinese players on Friday.

12/07/2017 04:14

Tencent is the largest and richest games company in China, the world’s biggest gaming market. Few days ago, Tencent has publishing rights for Playerunknown's Battlegrounds in China. And now many are speculating Tencent Games will announce H1Z1 for Chinese gamers this Friday.


But in China this guessing has been confirmed. China’s top social media channel WeiBo for H1Z1: King of Survival (localized name) popped up recently. And the official website for H1Z1 has been completed.


Early as August this year, according to the China requirements of the Ministry of culture. H1Z1 is the bloody violence game, so it was broadcast platform banned, even the word "h1z1" in Weibo was banned. but yesterday midnight, H1Z1 player who suddenly found that Weibo H1Z1 search should ban! This news let 's many old players to tears.


Notice :Servers are coming offline today (12/7) at 12:00 pm PT for a game update. Downtime is anticipated to be approximately 5 hours. Full notes here


Anyway now we just waiting for the news on Friday. At randyrun more cheap H1Z1 Items and H1z1 skins for sale. Have fun!!!


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