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H1Z1 Invitational Crate 2017

10/12/2017 05:10

H1Z1 players, good news. The exciting "H1Z1" invitation is coming soon.


Daybreak announces that the "H1Z1" Invitational Tournament will be held at TwitchCon in October (Twitch's Carnival). At the same time, the tournament set up to $ 500,000 prize pool.


Time and Place


Saturday, October 21, 2017 in the H1Z1 Arena at TwitchCon.( Clickhere)


Prize poolso rich, the event so grand, this "H1Z1" is looking forward to. Although the "H1Z1" release time is not long, but popular. In the game, every minute is the time of life and death, one second can create death. Therefore, this tournament for all the H1Z1 players is a learning and experience, absolutely can not miss.


Thank you for your support, we will do it better. Here is randyrun more Cheap H1Z1 Items and Cheap H1z1 skins for sale.


Randyrun Team

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