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FIFA 18 Gameplay Improvements and Changes

08/04/2017 10:23

FIFA 18 was revealed at EA Play conference showing that FIFA 18 will focus on player styles and atmospheres.


FIFA 18 Gameplay Improvements and Changes - PS4, Xbox One, PC


1. New Cross System - FIFA 18 does away with the multiple press system of old and replaces it with holding down triggers to determine the cross type.


2. In-play Substitutions - Brand new to FIFA 18 is the ability to make substitutions during replays, meaning you don’t need to break up the flow of the game as much as before. You’re able to make custom or suggestion subs without a break in the action, which is pretty cool.


3. Hard Tackle - Not a big deal to some, but potentially massive for others, FIFA 18 now includes a hard tackle button. This is a middle option between a sliding tackle and a standing tackle.


4. Penalties Made Easier - Penalties in FIFA 18 are reportedly more forgiving, although we’ll have to play it ourselves to say for sure.


Besides, players can now display more characteristic moves than ever before and stadiums will reflect reality more accurately as well as color will be more accurately recreated in the game.


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