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CSGO Global Team Ranking in November 2017

12/06/2017 04:04

Yesterday, released the global rankings for the CSGO team in November. After the ELEAGUE Premier Finals and EPICENTER, IEM Oakland and BLAST Pro Series its also the biggest events in November. Moreover, some smaller-scale offline tournaments, all affect the rankings of each team. Especially´╝îthe Danish event was topped by SK, a regular in finals, while the North American competition was won by NiP.


10 Top Global Team Ranking as following


1. SK

2. FaZe

3. Astralis

4. NiP

5. Cloud9

6. G2

7. North


9. Mousesports

10. Liquid


SK and FaZe swap positions following the Brazilians' success in Copenhagen, while Astralis break into the top three at the expense of G2, who move down three positions to sixth. With their Oakland campaign, NiP are very close to the podium, with Cloud9 rounding off our top five.


This weekly the EPL S6 Finals is still going on Group stage is start on December 4 - December 10. And the ECS Season 4 Finals will run from December 15-17 at the Hard Rock Hotel in Cancun, Mexico. Therefore, the future rankings fluctuate greatly in competitive matches. Now just see and wait!


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