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  • FIFA 18 Ultimate Scream Cards coming on Halloween
    Big news ! FIFA 18 ushered in the first Halloween event. With FIFA 17 EA introduced a brand new Halloween themed promotion to FIFA Ultimate Team. (Click on the video) It is means that FIFA18 Halloween event is start.   What is FIFA 18 U...
  • CS:GO : New map Dust 2
    Recently, CSGO would has a biggest event is Dust 2 map on the line, immediately aroused the enthusiastic discussion of the majority of players. And CS GO official website also hope to hear more feedback from player.   Last week, Valve a...
  • H1Z1 KotK:The full H1Z1 Arena map for TwitchCon
    TwitchCon kicks off this Friday, October 20.This H1Z1 Arena bring us a fierce game, rich prizes, special goods and so on. It is very worth looking forward to.   Here is the full H1Z1 Arena map for TwitchCon (Click to view the map)  ...
  • League of legends EUW : 2017 global finals in Guangzhou ,China
    The 2017 League of Legends World Championship tomorrow beginning in GuangZhou at the Guangzhou Gymnasium.   Schedule:   Day 1:   Longzhu Gaming vs. Samsung Galaxy at 4am ET/4pm CST on Oct. 19   Day 2:   SK ...
  • Path Of Exile:Upcoming 3D Art
    New 3D art   The POE team has been adding new 3D art for some unique body armours. The POE team has been adding new 3D art for some unique body armor. Previously, POE official website released a "Week Bloopers" video. (Click to watch). ...
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