How to receive the FIFA Coins

04/01/2017 04:42


In Order to help you receive the coins, Please read the following tutorial carefully:

Click here to see our Tutorial Video

Steps for Comfort Trade 3.0:

1.(IMPORTANT) Please log in WEBAPP to confirm your account info (Account, Password, Security Answer, etc), and record it.

Click Here to WEBAPP

2.(IMPORTANT)Please log out your fut on your console
3.Click the delivery link in your Email o “Get Coins” in client center "My Randyrun" - "My Order"

Click here to see how to receive delivery link
Fill the blank with the information you recorded in WEBAPP.
Steps for Player Trade 3.0:

Attention: In order to avoid the problem of confusing players’ name in the market, we only find your player by comparing start price / buy now price.
1.(IMPORTANT) List a Bronze player in transfer market for the start price / buy now price we suggested (This is the key to find your player)
Click to see how to sell on FIFA Market
2.After you have successfully listed the player, click "Find My Player" , and find out your player in the list(Notice your player by comparing the player name/ability/position/remaining time with other players)
3.When you had confirmed your player, click "Buy", we will buy him as soon as possible.
4. Repeat steps 1-3 to complete your order.
PS: Listing player with WEBAPP is much easier than console.

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