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Revelation Online is a visually appealing free2play MMO by Chinese developer NetEase. Players can let their ingame characters explore dynamic worlds thanks to intriguing flight skills, discover big and smaller secrets, face off against enemies and monsters in battle, and experience countless adventures. Fight against other player in Revelation Online in various PvP modes, including massive sieges and arena battles, and enjoy PvE contents where players come together to conquer the biggest challenges in the game world with tactical approach and teamwork!

As a young hero in RO, you will at first learn about your ability to fly, and follow rumors and secrets that will lead you on the track of an ancient artifact. In Revelation Online, you can choose from 3 different control modes to pick the one you will be most comfortable with.

Create the character of your choice and go on an adventurous journey through the world of Revelation Online! Here at randyrun you can get the ingame currencies Imperial Coins and Aurum, as well as Revelation Online Powerleveling Services.

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