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WoW Honor Points Leveling

WoW Honor Points Leveling

WoW Honor Points Leveling (PvP)

from $1.75


Your character must be level 100 before we can start Honor Points Leveling.

Shipping time:  0-4 days
WoW Honor Points Leveling (PvP)

Honorable victories in battles against other players are credited to you with honor points, which you can use to buy armor, mounts and consumables. That way you have the chance, even as a casual gamer, to receive great PvP rewards. In this manner,  you have the possibility to attain valuable PvP rewards, even as a casual gamer.

Since you need a lot of honor points to get the really good items, RandyRun offers you a first-class Honor Points Leveling service for World of Warcraft. Your character will be leveled in PvP mode by a professional World of Warcraft gamer.

Repair Service: In case we need to repair your equipment during our leveling service, and your gold is not sufficient for repairs, we’ll farm the gold necessary to repair your equipment.  This additional service may, however, entail a delayed delivery.

Item Builder: thanks to our Item Builder, our Leveling is now even faster! You can choose right from the beginning, which items we should buy with your Honor points and of course, we will let you have all the stats you need to help you choose the best items quickly and with peace of mind! As soon as we start the Leveling you’ll receive an email with a link to your personal Item Builder. Here is a demo of our Item Builder.

And here's how it works:

  1. Specify the amount of honor points
  2. Choose the starting time
  3. Choose a time zone
  4. Add the product to your “Shopping Cart” and  check out to place your order

Any questions?

  • Do you have any questions regarding Honor Points Leveling?
  • Do you want to check what level your pro gamer has reached?
  • Do you want to pause your Honor Leveling to be able to play your char for a bit?

Please contact our support service team (support@randyrun.com)!  We'll help you with any problems you might have.