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TERA Key - (Founder Status)

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Game-Title:TERA RisingPublisher:Ubisoft
Product-Type:Full-VersionDownload via:Game Website
Shipping time:see descriptionDownload size:20.40 GB
Age rating: n.a.Other:EU-Key

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Buy TERA Online-Key now!

How do I start TERA?

We’ll send your TERA Pre-order Key in only 0-1 hours to your e-mail address.  You’ll then be able to download TERA online from the official website, and you’ll be able to participate in the Head start phase as well as the beta events and TERA Online release.  There will be no additional key sent, since this key already activates all functions as soon as they are available.

TERA Download:

Simply log in to your TERA account (or create a new account).  With the TERA Key you received from us, you can download and install TERA Online fast, free, and without any problems, as soon as the game is available for download. 

If you have any questions regarding your TERA Online Key, our support will gladly be of assistance.  You’ll be able to play directly after installation.  Have fun!

Manufacturer’s Description

TERA is the first MMORPG featuring true action combat, providing all of the depth of an MMO with the intensity and gratification of an action game.  It provides all the depth of any MMO–quests, crafting, an intricate plot, PvP, and more-combined for the first time with the satisfaction and skill of a console action game. No more are you confined to tabbing and then standing around and eating a sandwich while taking on a boss. You're at the center of the action, hitting where you aim and reacting in real-time to dodge and move out of the way when attacked. In Tera, skill and substance combine for an entirely new MMORPG experience.

Set in a breathtaking world conjured by two dreaming primal gods, your explorations will take you over rugged mountains, across searing deserts, and through hazardous jungles. Take your place as a soldier for the Valkyon Federation and fight alongside other races to forge a new future while healing the mistakes of the past.

There's no time for factions in TERA—all seven races and eight classes must cooperate to wrench destiny from the gods themselves! Arm yourself, gather your allies, and take control of your fate. Fighting prowess, guild rankings, and social dynamics come together as you find yourself vying for political control of the world itself in TERA's unique endgame.


A New Breed of MMO - TERA takes the fight beyond whack-a-mole monotony with enhanced aiming, dodging, and tactical timing to create intense and rewarding combat. Unlike other MMOs, you can use your controller or keyboard and mouse to control the action like never before. With all the depth you expect from a traditional MMO, plus the intense gratification of action combat, TERA changes all the rules.

True Action Combat - Experience an Action MMO beyond "point and click" where skill, position, timing, and aim determine success in combat.

Vast Fantasy World - Play seven character races and eight classes. Battle hundreds of monsters throughout 80+ zones and embark on thousands of quests in a game world rich in history and lore.

Epic Monster Battles - Advanced enemy AI and enormous bosses deliver a more intense and engaging combat experience.

Stunning Graphics - Explore a world filled with breathtaking visuals powered by Unreal Engine 3.
Vibrant Online Community
In a faction-free world, all players can impact the community as well as the social, political, and economic structures of TERA.

Choice of Control - Play with mouse and keyboard or your favorite PC-compatible console controller.

System Requirements (for PC)

Minimum System Requirements

OS: Windows XP, VISTA or 7 (Latest Service Pack)
CPU: AMD Athlon64 3200+ or Intel Pentium 4 3.20G
Graphics Card: Radeon X1600XT or Geforce 7600GT
At least 30GB of hard drive space
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c
Internet connection

Recommended System Requirements

OS: Windows XP, VISTA or 7 (Latest Service Pack)
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ or Intel Core2 Duo E6750 2.66G
RAM: 2 GB or more
Graphics Card: Radeon HD 3870 or Geforce 8800GT
At least 30GB of hard drive space
DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c
Internet connection