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RandyRun’s Diablo III Class Previews

There are five classes in Diablo III, all of which have now been revealed: Returning from Diablo II is a pimped up barbarian.  The monk provides some flashy (yet bloody) effects.  Something a bit unexpected and new is offered in Diablo III in the form of a witch doctor, but even the wizard offers more than just old techniques.  For all classes, you will be able to choose your preferred gender.

We’ve known since February that the pastry chef won’t be joining the ranks of the D3 character classes.  The missing member of the hero's club is the merciless demon hunter!



Once protectors of Mount Arreat (which was corrupted by evil in Diablo II and therefore destroyed by the Arch-Angel, Tyreal), the barbarians believe they have failed in their duty and live in great shame.  That’s alright though, as soon there will be enough bad guys to kill – enough to drown their shame in great bloodlust… uh… enough to forget their shame.

 “If there are any barbarians left alive, they must truly be without hope. Perhaps this is the genesis of the rumors of monstrous things reported to resemble the barbarians in size and ferocity, but that are in reality nothing more than unreasoning, inhuman beasts. Could the destruction of not only their home but also their very beliefs have actually brought this magnificent race so low?“

So what else can the barbarian do other than bring his race low?

A few barbaric strengths:

Cleave: Fancy a 360 degree attack?  Why not slice your way through 2-4 monsters horizontally?  What do the opponents have to say about that?  “Argh, gah!”

Ground Stomp: With great force (the barbarian loves to make great gestures!), he reaches out and slams the ground.  Naturally, glowing cracks start to form on the earth beneath and the opponents standing on that earth get dazed: Now you can take out each opponent one by one nice and easy.  With a last “Argh, gah!“ the fiends bite the dust.

Leap: The barbarian jumps a short distance; the force of his landing causes enemies in the vicinity to die and fly through the air.  Enjoy the glorious sounds of: “Argh, Gah!”

Seismic Slam: No idea how that is supposed to work fisikally!  The barbarian slams the ground yet again, and the resulting shockwaves pass through the ground (but only forwards, not sideways) and injure several enemies that happen to be standing behind each other.  Sometimes you might hear the occasional “Yahh” amid the Arghs and Gahs of death.

Whirlwind: Ever seen a herd of bunnies run into a thresher?  The barbarian borrowed this ability from Diablo II.  He spins very quickly with outstretched weapon(s) in motion and plays the role of purée maker in the enemy-casserole.  And they really sing: “Yah, Argh, Gah!”



The legendary monks are holy warriors.  In stark contrast to barbarians, they don’t need a blade (that wouldn’t be holy enough) – why else is it called handcrafts?  The monk also sustains deep relations to the “energies”.  He might have also taken advantage of training as an electrician (must have also been a bloody affair).   One thing our hands-on electro-butcher really can’t stand is a demon.  He really cleans house with them:

“The monk hurtled forward, but his individual movements were too fast for my eyes to track. It seemed as though there were seven of him raining blows upon the demon from every side. Staggered, the demon stumbled. The monk grabbed the demon by the neck, grinning as he pulled his free arm back, crackling energy glowing on his open hand. He shoved his palm forward, and when it struck the demon, its body exploded: muscle, skin and bones tore apart, and the smell of burning flesh filled the air.”

From the repertoire of the monk:

Crippling Wave:   At first glance, it looks a bit like the barbaric “Cleave”.  This is a type of energy-loaded hit that encompasses 360 degrees, first stopping enemy creatures in their tracks, then knocking their lights out.  What does the monk have to say about this?  “Yah! Yoh!“

Impenetrable Defense:  The most magic ability of the clerical arsenal.  A violet shield erects itself about the monk and reflects (magic) distance attacks.  This technique is great for returning a few fireballs to their sender.  And the monk says: “Hai-yah!”

Exploding Palm: How did the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique from Kill Bill 2 get in here?  The monk attacks the enemy, at first nothing happens.  A few seconds later, the fiend explodes, its innards flying all over further damaging other enemies in the vicinity.  That’s what you get for letting the monk massage one of your pressure points without asking: A true Chakra Massacre!  “Yes,” says the monk tersely.

Seven-Sided Strike: Fresh slaps straight from hyperspace… the monk teleports himself as a fiery specter towards his opponent from all directions and dishes out fiery slaps.  How did that go again with the left and right cheek?  The holy monks from Diablo III interpret the Sermon on the Mount in a real special way.  Maybe he should learn to love his neighbors in smaller doses…

Way of the Hundred Fists:  A total missionary deployment in three phases!  1. Approaching the non-believer: With a piercing flame from behind, the monk shoots his enemy to politely jostle him for starters.  2.  Friendly Gesturing:  The monk lets his fists do the talking – like little blades of flame, they thresh the opponents.  3. “Argumentum a fortiori”: A strike of the fist like a comet strike – it knocks the socks of several opponents.  Questions? “Hai-yah!”


Witch Doctor

The “fearsome witch doctor of the Umbaru race” is more than a mere legend.  It’s a downright exotic idea for a new mage-type.  Witch Doctors believe in an “Unformed Land”, in a world of gods, which they explore with the help of rituals and trances.  A witch doctor indeed does come across as quite creepy – the roots and herb apparently have a few side effects.  Yet it’s this twisted trance world that gives him such a mighty spiritual arsenal:

“He dispatched his opponent with terrifying precision, assaulting his victim's mind and body with elixirs and powders that evoked fires, explosions, and poisonous spirits. As if these assaults were not enough, the witch doctor also had at his command the ability to summon undead creatures from the netherworld to rend the flesh from his enemy's body.”

Alchemy and Voodoo Spells of the Witch Doctor:

Firebomb: Witch Doctors have an inexhaustible reservoir of shamanistic hand grenades at the ready.  They provide explosive area of effect damage – even the undead get their hearts warmed one last time.

Horrify: A strange charisma this Witch Doctor has – sometimes you can only run away … and while the enemy heads for the hills, the Vodoo Witch emphasizes the “horror” with even more attacks from his arsenal.

Locust Swarm: The fact that crispy locusts aren’t just a delicious snack, but also rather ravenous animals is proven by our good doctor with this handy ability.  With each use, he summons three clouds of grasshoppers that each go after their own opponent.  As soon as the opponent is fully digested, they jump to another opponent before they (and their opponent) make like a tree and leave.

Mass Confusion: “Uh, am I stupid or something?  I better just sporadically attack anything in my proximity, and maybe bash my skeleton warrior colleague’s brains in.  Where are the brains again?  I hope the nice Witch Doctor doesn’t cast Mass Confusion on me.” The skeleton thought to himself.

Soul Harvest: Those who wish to harvest, must first sow!  This apparently isn’t valid for Witch Doctors.  He quickly makes himself the center of a ghostly explosion and blows out his opponents lights.  Though people might not exactly be sending out their hearts to the Witch Doctor, they do send their souls.  The Witch Doctor loves to harvest souls where you wouldn’t think to find them: Like with the Undead.



The mighty class of Wizard, which differs from sorcerer due to their foolhardiness, lack of discipline, and pure megalomania, was showcased in a flashy Diablo 3 trailer on the feminine side.  Here you’ll see “Little Miss Arrogant Mage Chick” as she treads with feathery-light steps with a sneer of contempt on her face into the deepest of catacombs to tell off the evil “har har har” Lich King. Ever since Tomb Raider, female characters in computer games are allowed to be confident and sexy – real deep inside catacombs.  Not too shabby.

“It is not my goal to alarm, but I find this situation disturbing. We now have a rebellious wizard, young and inexperienced, wandering the world, dabbling in powerful magics she does not understand. Those wiser than you or I determined long ago that certain schools of magic were too dangerous and forbade their practice. It is those magics that this wizard seems determined to explore – magics centered on manipulating the primal forces from which reality is constructed. Imagine, a headstrong nineteen-year-old youth, able to warp time itself to her will! The thought is truly terrifying. It is my honest hope that this self-styled wizard chooses never to return to Caldeum.”

Wily Magic Spells:

Disintegrate: There’s always a variant of a laser weapon in the magic bag!  Stick out your hands, send out red, plasma-like light rays, and grill the undead.  After only a few seconds of cooking, the bodies explode, and their bodies finally find peace.

Electrocute: The wizard discharges electricity from her fingertips towards enemies in the vicinity.  These enemies are, of course, totally electrified.  Every discharge binds the fiends for a short period of time in spasmodic cramps.  It also jumps to other enemies – till they’ve all “spasmed” out for the last time.

Teleport: This ability was taken from Diablo 2, broken down into atoms, beamed over as an information stream, and rematerialized in Diablo III true to its original.  Just like before, the wizard can… well… teleport!

Magic Missile: Nothing special for magic users.  It’s a violet colored orb of light that damages its opponent.  Many behind each other cause a lot of damage – eventually the enemy keels over.

Slow Time: Up till this point, the wizard didn’t seem to offer anything new.  Slow Time might, however, be reason alone to try out the wizard!  Our highly skilled psycho chick surrounds herself in a transparent sphere that lasts for about 10 seconds.  All attacks and distance attacks that enter the shield are drastically slowed till the attack travels through the full length of the sphere.  The wizard herself is not affected by the time warp and can waltz around the sphere and dance around the arrows and magical attacks that are too slow to hit her, and take the fight to the attacker.


Demon Hunter

“Hey, victim, there is always a choice”!  Or something like that… is the trademark phrase of the Demon Hunter.  At least in Diablo III you can solve any problem quickly in this manner – as long as you have the right weapons with you: Instead of storms or a machine gun, the demon hunter possesses constantly firing twin crossbows and hefty grenades.  Anyone with these weapons should probably come up with the idea of being the hunter instead of the hunted.  Alas, if only all decisions were so easy and all arguments so relevant as our “anti-victim” with her never-ending supply of bolts!

She emerged from the shadows cast by the setting sun and wasted no time in dispatching the rest of my attackers. Her hands worked twin crossbows, launching a glowing arc of flaming bolts over my head, blanketing the hulking monsters. Every shot found its mark in one of the horned beasts, felling the lot of them. From the corner of my eye, I saw more of the savage brutes sneaking up on her from behind.  The hunter reached into her belt and rolled a trio of strange metal spheres into their path, and the contraptions exploded into light and flame, stunning them. It gave her enough time to round on them, her crossbows dispatching them one by one.

Arsenal of Avengers and Executors:

Fan of Knives: No, the huntress isn’t cooling herself, she prefers the hot blood of demons and monsters.  Enough of that will be flying around as soon as our purest maid (in the midst of impure knaves) tosses cold blades in 30 directions all at once.

Molten Arrow: When numerous foolhardy monster victims trot towards our huntress behind each other, this is the weapon of choice – and evil is vanquished once and for all!  Knock ‘em down, the bastards, knock ‘em down and grill ‘em!

Grenades: People don’t say: “Whoa that’s a grenade!” for nothing now, do they.  Grenades are blinding (usually even before they explode) and take out men … eh… monsters by the dozens.  The demon hunter always throws three of them into the fray and offers her victims the full treatment: Blinding, stunning, and exploding!  That is, admittedly, much more effective than pepper spray.

Bola Shot:  A lady that gets around as much as our demon hunter obviously wears high heels even in battle.  She knows her fashion accessories too: “A Boa is a scarf-like piece of clothing made of feathers or fur that wraps around a neck (after being fired from a crossbow) and explodes, ripping the head from the shoulders.  Wait a minute…that’s not it...“

Entangling Shot: Much has been philosophized over the weapons of women.  One that’s hardly mentioned in circles of self-proclaimed “women gurus” is this weapons here: A violet, pulsing chain that eats through the lower bodies of several admirers and chains them together.  What’s the point of that, you ask?  In this manner, the admired has much more time to take care of the fellows!