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FIFA 14 Coins (PS3)

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FIFA 14 Coins (PS3)
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FIFA 14 Coins – PS3 kaufen

You play FIFA 14 on Playstation 3 and want the perfect team build? Get your FIFA 14 Coins for PC, quickly, securely, and without a hitch! With convenient first-class service from RandyRun.

Our sellers are constantly restocking in order to ensure that you get your FIFA 14 Coins – PS3 within a few hours in most cases. (Certain exceptions may occur, for example, around server maintenance times, or if some technical issue occurs, which will cause the delivery time to extend to up to 2 days. If this should happen, we apologize in advance and ask for your understanding).

How Does It Work?

  1. Select the desired amount of FIFA 14 Coins for PS 3.
  2. Create an auction for the amount you purchased: please set the duration for three days at least!
  3. Enter the following data while placing your order:
    • Player Name
    • Player Position
    • Player Club
    • Player League
    • FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Name (please do not enter your game team name!)
  4. Our seller purchases your auction - and just like that you’ll be in possession of the FIFA 14 Coins that you ordered for PS3! (Please note that EA deducts a 5% fee)!

You have a question regarding our products or the order process? Then click here for our helpful video tutorial! Our support is available for you every day between 8 A.M. and 11 P.M. via e-mail or telephone.